My name is Alon and i am happy to invite you

For a painting workshop in Morocco

3-12 october 2020

About Me

52 years old, lives in the Hefer Valley Israel.
One of the most important motifs in the world of painting
And definitely my “combustion engine”, that’s the passion.

This passion for drawing and painting accompanies me all the way and leads me to a place of endless learning and exploration, following which the work comes.

Beyond enjoying the creative

Today I am a professional painter and painting teacher in all types of mediums but above all I consider myself a student.
In recent years I have focused mainly on the fascinating medium of watercolors, for which I have studied an with some of the greatest masters in the world in watercolors
(Alvaro castagnet – URUGUAY / Prafull sawant – INDIA / Sergey kurbatov – RUSSIA)
From each of them I took a side that is important to continue my path as an artist and creator.

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My I believe

Building a painting is just like building a building. Once you have dug the pits, built a construction and poured the concrete into the foundations, you now have the solid and suitable foundation on which you can build the skeleton and later also the whole building. Without foundations it is not possible to build any building and start building a building straight from the fifth floor, this is an impossible task.

Just like in painting, drawing is the foundation and foundation for everything!
Once there is a good drawing (even if it is a very basic drawing, but well constructed and laid out and in the right way), we can draw in any medium and in any style we choose.

A little about the workshop planned in Morocco

A few weeks ago I really randomly drew a watercolor drawing of a greenish and interesting door.
The reference photo was taken from a travel agency website called Morroco ecoway, so as a tribute I tagged them.
From there …. it seems to me that they liked it
I am honored and very proud to invite you to my first workshop in colorful and magical Morocco
The workshop will take place from october 3 to 12, 2021.
Luckily for us, we are joined by the best local guide Ahmad al-Baumi who has promised to do everything so that we can all enjoy an unforgettable workshop.
If one of your dreams was to visit Morocco and paint in Morocco. Here you have both in one package,
So what are you waiting for?
For details, call me: 050-6778244
Minimum: 6 participants
Maximum: 15 participants
You can secure your place with us
And finally enjoy some life after Corona Time.
I’m already waiting to see you …
And also for couscous
See you in Morocco,
In the painting: Watercolor, Morocco

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